Thursday, May 24, 2012

overgrown paths and empty thrones

an empty throne

was thrown aside

in the minds 

of all the beautiful motherfuckers

who are slowly finding each other again

it is the largest easter egg hunt

in the history of everything

we seek underneath the pine trees

in the shit

and in our hearts

in order to find that gold 

that will lift us above it all

and bring us back to where we belong

in charge

with balanced minds

and open hearts

slowly finding that path

that has been grown over

for so much longer than we even know

we use our eyes as flamethrowers

and our words as machetes

clearing the way

it is still an uphill battle

but we have a lot of people behind us now

and the memories are pouring back in 

and questions are being asked

once you ask

answers are given

what do you want to know?

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