Monday, May 14, 2012

oh my goodness...everyday.

bubbling under the surface

denied by most

felt by all

we are going for it babies

it was written thousands of years ago

they talked about today

all over the world

thousands of years ago 

looked forward to now

here we are

here it comes

it may seem like nothing is going on

but in the blink of an eye

like a thief in the night

snap of the fingers

but it relies on us

we can not get there until it is accepted

what needs to be accepted?

that must be figured out for oneself

it is just the truth

about life

what it is, what it means, where its going

written thousands of years ago

so hard to believe 

but it is the truth

and that is all there is

everything else will fade

except the truth

open your hearts and your minds

and forget everything you think you know

breathe. watch. feel.

we are going home

do not be afraid

let go

and have a a blast

you are divine.

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