Friday, May 18, 2012

No difference in anything except it's place in time

My friend asked me if i was pushing the table.


She said it looked like it was floating back and forth.

Then the picture on the wall started coming at her.

The boy at the coffee shop spoke of Deja Vu.

A 4 year old told me she isnt here and this is a dream and that she knew her mom a long time ago when her mother was a child.

A childhood friend tells me his aunt haunts his room after his knees buckle violently for no reason.

Another friend says she saw something float just before it hit the ground.

My dream interlocks with someone elses dream they have two days later.

The dots are being connected

And the solidity of reality drifts away

Lucid dreaming in waking life

We are having trouble deciphering the difference between waking, dreaming, living and dying.

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