Thursday, May 31, 2012

biding our time...wink wink.

perplexed, distressed and obsessed

with a dream in a dream

considered insane in an insane world

chasing a  fantasy world of life and love

inside a world of death and decay

felt by so many but ignored as an impossibility

all the while, the solidity of supposed reality drifts away

and the lines between fact and fiction, dreams and reality blur

universal laws are swept under the rug

and a false morality system is put in place by a hypocritical control system

but who is in control?

the people answer to their "superiors"

the "superiors" answer to theirs; which is a business

which is a death machine

an invisible thousand eyed monster

the machine is run by a few select families

who answer to nobody...except the monster they created

the carpet is much too lumpy to walk on

so the filth is leaking out the sides and eating itself

the dreamers tread lightly watching the show play out

waiting patiently and exchanging words, looks and winks of a secret language

an ancient language

a language of silence amongst the chaotic noise

we stare into each others eyes and silently say "my god....when?"

soon my love(s)

all of them. all of you.

wrapped up in one.

enjoy the show

it is going to be a weird one.

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