Thursday, May 31, 2012

give the ghosts a life

they're heeeeeerrrre.

the dead, the alien, the forgotten, the martyred

all coming back

in your mind, through the stereo, out of the television and in your mirror

sending hidden messages and planting seeds without much notice

at least for now

they will not go away 

all loans must be paid and all must find balance

the scales have been tipped so far to one side

for so long

that rush upward has the intensity of a rocketship

and suppression of what must be and what is will not suffice any longer

the pressure from the suppression has began an eruption

and the nightmares are leaking out 

everyone is going to be forced to ask why.




why is this happening.

the good and the bad.

all of it.

they're heeeeeerrrrreee

to show you.

stare into the mirror with no fear.

stare into the screens with no fear.

hear the song with no fear.

but do not forget to ask why.

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