Tuesday, May 29, 2012


the book has been opened

and all the truth came flying out 

all over the place

living in an illiterate world for thousands of years

and then the book is open

it is a lot of heavy reading to do

and the definitions of things are being drastically altered

or corrected

life, time, love, money, existence

we had definitions

but these definitions flew out the window

when the wind from the turning pages began

we will soon know what it means to truly be alive

we will soon know that time is information and understanding

we will soon know what it means to truly love

we will soon find a new symbol of exchange, one not originating from black magick

we will soon know why we exist

all will be shown

all will be known

all will be forgiven

all will be given purpose

you will love what you hate

and we will be together once again

gorgeous little babies tricked into thinking they are grown ups

remember what it was like to accept love from all and trust that everything is the way it should be?

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