Thursday, May 31, 2012

give the ghosts a life

they're heeeeeerrrre.

the dead, the alien, the forgotten, the martyred

all coming back

in your mind, through the stereo, out of the television and in your mirror

sending hidden messages and planting seeds without much notice

at least for now

they will not go away 

all loans must be paid and all must find balance

the scales have been tipped so far to one side

for so long

that rush upward has the intensity of a rocketship

and suppression of what must be and what is will not suffice any longer

the pressure from the suppression has began an eruption

and the nightmares are leaking out 

everyone is going to be forced to ask why.




why is this happening.

the good and the bad.

all of it.

they're heeeeeerrrrreee

to show you.

stare into the mirror with no fear.

stare into the screens with no fear.

hear the song with no fear.

but do not forget to ask why.

biding our time...wink wink.

perplexed, distressed and obsessed

with a dream in a dream

considered insane in an insane world

chasing a  fantasy world of life and love

inside a world of death and decay

felt by so many but ignored as an impossibility

all the while, the solidity of supposed reality drifts away

and the lines between fact and fiction, dreams and reality blur

universal laws are swept under the rug

and a false morality system is put in place by a hypocritical control system

but who is in control?

the people answer to their "superiors"

the "superiors" answer to theirs; which is a business

which is a death machine

an invisible thousand eyed monster

the machine is run by a few select families

who answer to nobody...except the monster they created

the carpet is much too lumpy to walk on

so the filth is leaking out the sides and eating itself

the dreamers tread lightly watching the show play out

waiting patiently and exchanging words, looks and winks of a secret language

an ancient language

a language of silence amongst the chaotic noise

we stare into each others eyes and silently say "my god....when?"

soon my love(s)

all of them. all of you.

wrapped up in one.

enjoy the show

it is going to be a weird one.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


the book has been opened

and all the truth came flying out 

all over the place

living in an illiterate world for thousands of years

and then the book is open

it is a lot of heavy reading to do

and the definitions of things are being drastically altered

or corrected

life, time, love, money, existence

we had definitions

but these definitions flew out the window

when the wind from the turning pages began

we will soon know what it means to truly be alive

we will soon know that time is information and understanding

we will soon know what it means to truly love

we will soon find a new symbol of exchange, one not originating from black magick

we will soon know why we exist

all will be shown

all will be known

all will be forgiven

all will be given purpose

you will love what you hate

and we will be together once again

gorgeous little babies tricked into thinking they are grown ups

remember what it was like to accept love from all and trust that everything is the way it should be?

Look it up.

entropic messages of entropy

in an entropic system on the verge of entropy.

a loaded sentence using a loaded word

as we march down the barrel of a loaded gun

not with a bang but with a whimper i heard a man once say

as the disorder becomes the order

and the friction brings us closer

the game will speed up to a grinding halt

as we will be unable to do anything

but stop spinning

and attempt to pick our jaws up off the floor

in complete awe

we will rise

Monday, May 28, 2012

the censored serpent










the opposite of what is thought

over and over

all through time

a mirror reflecting backwards

from the past into the future

and the future into the past

eating its own tail

we march into the wide open mouth

the more we scream the faster we run

into the center of our own fears

which we realize are nothing

we planned this all along

didnt we?

an invisible song

the prongs of a fork

and the spaces in between.


want an answer?

ask a question.

want to go somewhere?

take a step.

even if it is a baby one.

no longer need to ask 

mother may i.

it is obvious who you are going to pick

during duck duck goose.

but do not forget the spaces.

the invisible can sometimes contain so much.

and expectations can carry so much weight.

but who needs all that stress?

if we jump through the gaps in the bridge

we will land on the ladder 

going up through rather than around the circle

there is never a need to question anything

because the answer is up to you

every single time.

Let's keep on marching.

Thanks friend.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bow to queen slaves....The empire never ended.

A good friend of mine has multiple sclerosis.  For over two years she fought to get disability as it is too much on her body to work the necessary hours in order to sustain a comfortable living situation.  Comfortable as in, being able to have walls around you, yourself fed and the heat on in the winter.  After two years of making phone calls and filing papers that would lead to more phone calls and claim denials she gave in and paid a lawyer to represent her even though she could not really afford it.  The lawyer brought the same claim she attempted to file for over two years and it was approved immediately. 

She began receiving $1000 a month to live.  $500 goes directly to rent to live in a slightly shady part of town.  $100 goes to medicare so she can make her regular necessary check ups. Now it is realized that her medicine for multiple sclerosis is not covered by medicare and she needs to get something called gap insurance. This is going to cost somewhere around $150 a month.  This leave her $250 a month to live with $200 food stamps.

Before going on disability she was receiving $200 food stamps and $200 cash assistance.  After receiving disability for a few months they turned off her food stamps because they said she didn't need them anymore since she was receiving other benefits.  After a few months of just using the cash assistance they told her that she should not have cash assistance and should have food stamps but since she was using the cash assistance when she was not supposed to have it that she now had to repay all that she used...something like 4 or 5 months worth. 

Don't get me wrong it is a blessing that there is money available for her to live.  Even if it is in a shady part of town.  And it is great that she has some money for food and expenses even if it is just $450 a month.  That is a little over $100 a week to eat and live.  It is amazing that she is provided for in any way.  But why do they give and then just take it all back forcing someone to live in poverty? 

This is her story.  There a millions more like this in one form or another.  Even if it is not this drastic the entire population is taxed and taxed and their taxes are taxed.  Most people accept this money being taken from their pocket in every paycheck and with every transaction at the store because it goes back into the country and makes it a better place and helps its citizens.  Yet how well are the citizens who are sick and hungry cared for?

While trillions of dollars go into the "defense" budget this country marches on plowing through countries full of brown people because they have weapons that we sold them.  TRILLIONS.  To build the war machine.  While my friend with a disease lives in poverty.  And when i leave her apartment and walk up the street i see the streets filled with trash, junkies sitting on stoops, people who walk up and down the street talking to themselves, families with nothing to eat and homeless people asking for change or a cigarette to suppress their hunger.

Imagine if those trillions went back into the country of the citizens whose hard labor not only earned but CREATED that money that goes into the system that build the war machine to fight the imaginary enemies the machine itself creates.  Not only could every human in this country be provided for but every human in the world could.  Nobody needs to be hungry, homeless or ignorant. 

Instead everyone is robbed so a machine can go murder countries full of innocent beautiful men, women and children.

Where did the living Nazi's go after World War II?  Who won that war?  The only difference in the blueprints is in scale.  And this one is grand.  A grand lie on a grand scale.  

Happy Memorial Day. 

piece by pieces the body is being put back together

the transit of venus

a hymn to hecate

slow mutations

from flash floods of memories

as the eyes go up to the window on the door

a flood of energy engulfs and lifts me up

shot through space

an image appears in the black window

it is the past

it is the future

it is home

the three form goddess

lost her heads

through eons of persecution and self sacrifice

the aeons will awaken

gather their heads and their wits

in order to get through that door

Thursday, May 24, 2012

love the illusion to destroy the illusion.

artificial limbs 

artificial hearts

realization is a start

floating in a plastic space

choreographed and photocopied

placed in a hollow space

and forever told how it goes

the empire never ended as a wise man once said.

every birth

just another division

of the whole

as we sit in a room 

forever and ever

tricked by time

what started as a simple joke

became a disaster area

so we fell 

in order to pick up the pieces

and have been told we are wrong for doing so

as another wise man once said

it's a trap

love it because it is all you have

but also love it to escape

because it is not you

its a lot to remember

it has been a long time

but i know you and you know me

we go back a long ways

lifetimes upon lifetimes is one thing

but it goes beyond that

we carved into stone once

but we try not to think about it these days

dont keep chasing the carrot dangled in front of you

co'mon babies

we have a party to go to.

electric reality

deciphering information

as it flickers in and out

of existence

 faster than we can notice

or can handle

everything is a symbol 

for something else

but eventually it all leads back to the same thing

the song

the word

the beginning

virtual holographic rainbow emitter

in a golden ratio

we spin the wheel of fortune

but vanna and pat dont work there anymore

its just us


its just you.

overgrown paths and empty thrones

an empty throne

was thrown aside

in the minds 

of all the beautiful motherfuckers

who are slowly finding each other again

it is the largest easter egg hunt

in the history of everything

we seek underneath the pine trees

in the shit

and in our hearts

in order to find that gold 

that will lift us above it all

and bring us back to where we belong

in charge

with balanced minds

and open hearts

slowly finding that path

that has been grown over

for so much longer than we even know

we use our eyes as flamethrowers

and our words as machetes

clearing the way

it is still an uphill battle

but we have a lot of people behind us now

and the memories are pouring back in 

and questions are being asked

once you ask

answers are given

what do you want to know?

nothing is here but your mind

we have built this tower

so many times 

it has been knocked to the ground

buried under the rubble

we dust ourselves off

and pick up the pieces

and begin to rebuild

the tower is very high

this time of the year

with reinforcements

but we all know this story

and the capstone of the pyramid is almost ready to be put in place

will we get there this time

or will it be knocked to the ground again

planets being shot out of the sun

on a spiral path that is too large for us to see

one planet turns into the next

and we jump ship

or are picked up

exactly on schedule

this plan

was selected by us

and the our ideas of the future are useless now

because the tape is just being rewound

the pencil is in the spool

and what we think is a march forward 

is really 

just a vacuum pulling us backwards

into the past

which is the future

do you remember?

what you see is a movie

being watched by another movie

we wrote this a long time ago

the credits will roll soon

right up into your mouth

and into the center of your brain

as you lay on the ground

and get ready for take off

excuse you have the time?

just killing time

as it kills us

but you cant kill 

that which can not die

or has no end

and that is why we have the advantage

time can and will be stopped

we see it speed up

but what happens when it speeds up to the speed of light

we cant and will not die

so lets keep on killing time

so we can get passed the past

and move on

into the infinite

we are going to have to get passed the fact

that maybe time

and life itself is just not exactly what we have thought it is

it has been a long time

a slow build

but it is bubbling over

too much information

it seems scary

but it is not

it is what and who we are

nothing but pure infinite consciousness

never ceasing to exist

when this is not only known but understood

by the all


game over.

we win.

blast off.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the last song plays...

elegant little grimy dance

singing a wordless song

in a trance

parting the seas

while sleepwalking

and evicting the tenants

with a flick of the wrist

or a thoughtless thought

scenery always changing

but thats the only thing

despite the illusion 

standing still

in a space dream 

trance dance

we are at the ball

but got hypnotized 

i think someone put something in the punch

the last song is about to play though

so lets get down and boogey baby.

Who is runnin shit?

military industrial complex sending the kids off to fight for.....

privatized for profit jail systems built on indian burial grounds

propaganda media machine controlling with illusion of choice

for profit health care system keeping people sick

poison the food. poison the water.

ritual sacrifice ritual abuse

the books have been slowly burning

and the majority of the minds are now under control

                       barcoded at birth they tried to sell our souls before we even had a choice.

                                                             the machine is hungry.

                                         the demons run amok who poison, rape and kill

                                  as the angels who speak of truth and love are murdered

                                                           we accept this.....why?

                                             do not fear death because you already are. 

                                                    wake up, live and take it all back.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It is happening again....but what exactly...remember?

its time for the make up to come off

take off the clown shoes.

take off the costumes.

the masks.

stop acting.

stop pretending.

stop not saying the things you think and feel.

stop being afraid.

stop judging.

stop the mindless thinking.

stop the cycles of perpetual nonsense.

lets get down to business.

lets speak of something greater.

lets believe in something we never knew we could.

stop saying things you have no intention of carrying out


and GO GO GO

the curtain will be lifted

and we will all be naked


and vulnerable

it will be beautiful 

but only if you are ready

oh my goodness the love 

how it flows.

so speak of your fears

and your dreams

let out the strangest thoughts

let go

and fly.

you beautiful motherfuckers.

ride the wave. see you on the golden shore.

always trying to help.

accepted or rejected.


rejected than accepted.


accepted than rejected than accepted once again.

i will say it now so you can live it then

and it will become your own

so you can believe it

these waves your just hopping on now

have been being created since the beginning

my entire life has been dedicated to this

all i want is for everyone to hang ten

find that wave

find that love

find that peace

ahead of the curve it gets shot back into the past which is your now

hop aboard or sink below but either way the wave has got you

we are in for a wild ride

a beautiful ride

i help make the waves for fun

so dont be scared if they seem rough

the shore is not that far away

and the undertow is just an illusion