Friday, May 18, 2012


Last night i had a vivid dream i saw an old friend.

I was waiting in a house of a family i did not recognize.

A woman said she could not stop staring at the Mayan pyramid tattooed on my hand.

I was nervous.  Waiting for the arrival of my old friend.

It had been a long time and i was unsure where i stood.

Both literally and figuratively.

On the ground and in her mind.

Where was I?



The surprise turned into a jump

The jump created a smile

The smile made us hug

The hug turned into a dance.

The party began.


I had a dream the other night that my teeth were being pulled out one by one

It was very vivid and disgusting and frightening

Earlier in the day a picture on the wall appeared to float and move in my friends perception.

In the middle of the dream the same picture fell of the wall and hitting many things on the way down.

I woke up scared, tonguing my teeth to make sure they were there.


My friend had a nightmare that something scary was behind her. She woke up terrified.

A couple days later her daughter woke up after having a dream of an old witch with no teeth with a book called "the history of mystery"


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