Wednesday, May 16, 2012

billions of years squashed into a tiny ball

we are not in control

we have no choice

as technology creates itself faster than we can keep up with

pushing us along more so than we push it forward

the economy is crumbling

the powers that be march our children into world war III

the environment is on a rampage

not only on this planet but all of them

mars is turning blue and green

and venus is brighter than ever

the ups and downs of our lives are reflecting this

the only solution 

is to dance

and to love

and enjoy yourself 

this story is already written and we are just playing it out

what is happening now we have lived in the past

in currents of the wave that runs through everything

compounded on top of each other

why does this feel so familiar

what you see is yourself

what you see is your past

showing you

its up to you to help fix this mess

balance this equation

it is all just math

the math creates the song

the song creates the picture

what is this painting going to look like

all of reality will be compressed into a tiny little ball

and then we wake up

i love you.

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