Thursday, May 24, 2012

excuse you have the time?

just killing time

as it kills us

but you cant kill 

that which can not die

or has no end

and that is why we have the advantage

time can and will be stopped

we see it speed up

but what happens when it speeds up to the speed of light

we cant and will not die

so lets keep on killing time

so we can get passed the past

and move on

into the infinite

we are going to have to get passed the fact

that maybe time

and life itself is just not exactly what we have thought it is

it has been a long time

a slow build

but it is bubbling over

too much information

it seems scary

but it is not

it is what and who we are

nothing but pure infinite consciousness

never ceasing to exist

when this is not only known but understood

by the all


game over.

we win.

blast off.

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