Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The spiral is the answer

I do believe something is happening here.

Do you feel it?

Or is it just me.

I know i walk a fine line.

But I also know that other people feel this.

We don't have a choice people.

Something is happening here.

Something is always happening.

But we are starting to ask questions.

The answers bring more questions.

The spiral is the answer.

We are all on this path whether we know it or not.

The spiral is the answer.

It gets tight towards the center.

But we will come out alright.

And have a good laugh.

See you there babies.

Hi. You and i both are.

We talk of friends and family.

Politics and Celebrities. 

God and the Devil.

We talk of the weather.

We talk of what we think.

We talk of our thoughts about thinking.

What does any of this mean?

Do you ever consider what it means to exist.  To be able to think of the idea of existence.  

Take a minute.

Take a breath. 

Lets stop pretending we know what is what.

Lets take a minute and humble ourselves.

Humble ourselves to the fact that we know nothing.

What a gift.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the story.

the loss of a woman.

lost to despair.

over the loss of a baby boy.

who left out of despair.

over the loss of a woman.

forever and ever we go.


They story is over.

loop the loop.

because you will not remember.

loop the loop

because you cant stand to be wrong.

loop the loop

to hide from the truth.

loop the loop

to keep the status quo

the cord will be cut.

no more loops.

just spiraling fractal flowers.