Tuesday, June 12, 2012


One is the loneliest number since the number two

and another one's gone

and another one's gone

and another one bites the dust.

but not really the one

because the one doesn't bite dust

the one creates it

so we wave goodbye to all the dead gods

so much faith put in to a projected fantasy

as we realize

so much

but especially that there is no other


there is no two

just one

forever in a room

pacing around an oriental carpet

or sitting in a lonely chair.

imagining the whole damn thing.

he is getting bored.

time to wrap this fucking show up.

watch out.

things are gonna start moving.

The gap



gaps in between.



gaps in between.



gaps in between.



gaps in between.

reality can never be anything

when we live in illusory gaps of confusion.

From the ashes of hell, one will rise.

living in a world where love is crazy

and a murderous manipulative machine is the norm.

an eternal fire of truth and beauty is insanity

and a convenient life built on slavery, murder and rape is not only accepted

but preferred.

souls being sold 

because it is easier to lie and ignore than it is to speak from the heart. 

everyone wants a piece but nobody wants to do the work.

an illusory freedom keeps everyone entertained

as the price for such a thing is your soul as the contract is written in blood

of the millions slaughtered in wars against make believe enemies.

this world is on fire

and thank god

because it needs to be purified, transmuted and disintegrated

and from the ashes

the bird will rise up again and fly away

from all the horror, distortion, lies and mutilation

of anything true and beautiful.

with a seed in his mouth

a new home will be found

for the seed to be planted.

what people believe to be the light is darkness

and there are colors unseen to the human eye hiding in the darkness.

the archons live and control and distort

as they dangle the carrot in front of the ass

do not fall for it.

stay steady. stay true.

and know that there is no freedom in this place 

until control is out of the hands of demons, devils and the demiurge.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Be like water

thinner and thinner the veil gets

less and less solid matter becomes

more and more fluid the days flow

no more swimming upstream against the current 

going nowhere

it is too strong

and we are all being brought along.

so release now.

feel and float

and go with the flow

with the current that moves

with the beat of your heart.

never forgetting

always remembering

constantly feeling

nothing but love

into the whirlpool

out the other side

round and round we go 

back and forth 

we gotta get this shit synchronised 

the olympics are coming soon

and we need to get that gold medal.

unfolding in silence

sitting. knowing. waiting.  

in a deafening silence

all senses become one and everything becomes you

as you become everything.

behold the all

in awe

because what you saw in the dark is an invisible gold

and what we saw in the light turned out to be mere shadows.

leftovers from an ancient culture

seep back into the minds which hold a similar pattern

but with many more layers.

shedding skins of a hundred lives

getting back to the core

and seeing each other for who we truly are.

which will be who we used to be.

Oh. Hello again.

and again and again and again and again.


art 1

Twiddling thumbs waiting for the one.

Impatiently waiting patiently

Spending every second focusing on a point in time

of no time

when all becomes ONE

yet there is nothing to be done except nothing

because it is just a waiting game.

at the door but it will not open

not until we have enough people to break it down.  

we are all encoded in the system

free will is an illusion

all these choices and experiences are just a remembering

of past lives, sorted out and sifted through a filter of perfection.

becoming a conglomeration of all the best things we ever were

and releasing all the mind parasites that the archonic system has imposed up on life.

we all have a number, we all have a pattern, we all are eternal.


Saturday, June 9, 2012


Rudy's on the midway
And Jacob's in the hole
The monkey's on the ladder
The devil shovels coal
With crows as big as airplanes
The lion has three heads
And someone will eat the skin that he sheds

Well the earth died screaming
While I laid dreaming
Well the earth died screaming
While I laid dreaming
Dreaming of you

Well hell doesn't want you
And heaven is full
Bring me some water
And put it in this skull
I walk between the raindrops
I wait in bug house square
And the army ants
They leave nothing but the bones

Well the earth died screaming
While I laid dreaming
Well the earth died screaming
While I laid dreaming
Well the earth died screaming
While I laid dreaming
Dreaming of you

There was thunder, there was lightning
Then the stars went out
And the moon fell from the sky
It rained mackerel, it rained trout
And the great day of wrath has come
And here's mud in your big red eye
The poker's in the fire
And the locusts take the sky

Well the earth died screaming
While I laid dreaming
Well the earth died screaming
While I laid dreaming
Well the earth died screaming
While I laid dreaming
Dreaming of you
While dreaming of you
While dreaming of you

Crazy Wisdom, Holy Madness

Crazy Wisdom Wiki

Crazy wisdom, also known as holy madness, is a manifestation of certain spiritual adepts where they behave in unconventional, outrageous, or unexpected fashion. It is considered to be a manifestation of spiritual accomplishment evident in such Dharmic Traditions as Sanatana Dharma, Tantra, Vajrayana, Zen amongst other traditions such as Sufi, Bonpo, Taoism and Russian Orthodoxy for example and is often evident in human cultural spiritual universals such as shamanism. Crazy wisdom is also a modality of communication, in which the adept employs esoteric and seemingly unspiritual methods to awaken an aspirant's consciousness.

strange dreams make for strange days.

wake up.

back to sleep.

wake up.

back to sleep.

hopping from dream to dream to dream.

within a dream.

talking to friends.

dancing with dead relatives.

yelling in a doorway.

all to wake up.

so we can go back to sleep.

to that other dream.

the sweet one.

the strangeness won't stop

as the insane sanity spreads, grows and overflows everything

with a golden madness.

a purifying pattern of perfection.

Open Eye, Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Mouth

The elephant in the room just farted

and Nobody can take it anymore.

From the heart

Through the mind

And out of body


Actions are taken and words are spoken

From the heart

Through the mind

And out of body

One step closer

One step further

With no gaps in between

Feeling, Intention and Action

 Is all that makes up anything

Once all the gaps are filled in

and EVERYTHING becomes aligned

The show is over

The credits will roll

The players will take their bow

and remove their masks built by living hundreds of lives.

Enjoy the show!

It's almost over.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Remember that time when we were everything?

sitting, drinking, smoking and chewing on ice cubes

laying in wait and/or in vain

for some thing or ONE always just out of reach.

nowhere to go except my mind

as every straight line somehow eventually curves back in on itself

around the spiral and down the rabbit hole.

holding on and letting go

of dreams, ideas and desires

as it is all illusion regardless.  

just killing non existent time in order to realize that this is so.

while waiting for others to come to this realization also.

when we reach this point it will be a forgetting of this world

and a remembering of an ancient one

when all become whole 

all will become one

all one


but only for an infinitesimal second

and then all together again 

with full memory in tact

not just of this life

but all of them

so familiar, so friendly and so beautiful

it starts in this world though.

right now.

get remembering.

The mathematics of alchemy

decadent delusions turn disastrous 

as the equation balances itself out.

contrived compassion begins confounding

the magician mathematician

and then there is nothing left to do but sit and wait.

in collective confusion the characters 

who are the integers and the variables

are steadily shifted

from one side of the equal sign to the other.

masochistic minds and sadistic souls

dance together and trade loans

back and forth

forever and ever

on a mutilated merry-go-round

disguised as a home.

the golden ring was grabbed

dropped and smashed

broken into bits

and is beginning to be distributed out of fairness and balance.

Yet the gold and the iron feel the same to the blind.

Unappreciated for now the utterance of the ultimate goes unheeded 

and the malfunctions continue to manifest in the multiverse.

The gold seeps into the bloodstream 

as it melts from all the heat and pressure

changing the ones who have touched it even for a disregarded split second.

Into the veins, up the spine and into the center of their brains. 

The eye opens, awakens and NOW....it awaits.

Soon the equation will only have a few select integers and variables

and all will be understood.

aliens, angels and you

a friend recently asked me:

where do i find the aliens?

which is synonymous with angels

but people these days feel funny using such terms

as a dogmatic manipulative religion hijacked the term

the angels and aliens are in and around everything

hidden under rocks, floating over your shoulder and sitting next to you on the bus

but if you want to find them....

close your eyes, look up into the center of your brain, relax and breathe

you will be amazed what you can see and where you can go

with intent, belief and patience

they are you and you are them

and if you want to see the aliens or angels

which are you

you just have to ask yourself to show yourself

your true beautiful spotless self

unhindered, unabashed and unafraid

look up with with a knowing

and be whisked away

to a foreign yet unquestionably familiar home

nobodies there and no bodies there

at least not yet

until we all remember

our full potential

and our true purpose

not to make money, acquire goods and gain recognition

but to love and live


of all limitations 

with no boundaries, judgements, questions or fears

the aliens and angels are waiting

and do not forget that they are you

waiting for you

to remember so you can wake up

and become ONE

with everything

see you there lovers

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

mind games

The border is complete, just filling in the holes now

books stacked upon books stacked upon books

myths within myths within myths

hidden in caves and carved into stone

the books have been burned

the myths have been corrupted

and the caves are off limits

yet the truth has trickled out

into the controlled minds of the masses

the prophets, artists, creators and lovers have kept it alive

and the pieces of the puzzle are being put together

once again

1 puzzle of 2 shaped like a triangle with 3 faces

12 listen to the guidance of 1 to rearrange it

but only 11 use their 22 hands while 1 waits to swoop in and deceive

144,000 pieces is a lot 

but it is almost done

and my lord will it be worth it

the picture is a beautiful one

the kind of picture that inspires people to sing songs about

the songs are so beautiful there are barely any words to describe them

but maybe ONE word

the word


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Emergency Emergency

this is only a test

of the universal broadcast system

this is only a test

the most important test

in the history of histories

so take it however you want

did you do your homework?

or have you been cheating off your neighbors?

the tower has been built

high in the sky

but we know how that story ends dont we?

well....do you?

Shiva is dancing across the landscape

while Vishnu softly slumbers

4 ages coming to completion

so what happens next?

this is only a test.

this is the only test.

each one takes their turn

the sun and the moon

creating and destroying

writing the story

so they can collide once again

a tantric union of everything

a blissful return to the golden age

through eons of self sacrifice

which began with a forbidden fruit which opened their eyes

judged and condemned since the beginning of time

yet it was planned all along

the heroes took on the role of villains

with open eyes and open hearts

in order for us to leap over the archonic controllers

who are the true deceivers

the lovers took the first step towards complete annihilation

which is the bravest move in the history of histories

as annihilation will bring true salvation

complete destruction as the most creative act in the universe

no longer will the goddess be the whore or the anti-christ

she will be ONE who saw what nobody else could

and chose condemnation for lifetimes

in order to free and save us all

have no fear just as she did

the deceiver is really the savior

there are many paradoxical layers here

but they are shedding, thinning and falling apart

and the truth shall remain

and we will fly.

Monday, June 4, 2012

turn your head it is easier that way

dont bother reading any of this.

because you dont believe it anyways

so stop looking now

there are much better things to do

like yelling  into a mirror

and judging what you once held onto

there is no time for reading 

there is money to be made

and words to take back

and a dying life to live

ignore the eternal 

and it will force its way in

because it is all there is

and convenient distractions will only suffice for so long

which is not much longer

but stop reading now

because there is nothing new here

just the same old thing

from every eon passed

as each and every aeon awakens

it is just the same old truth

and it shall be manipulated and ignored

just like it always has

thats the story

denial of the truth

out of fear

or blood lust

watch him walk down the lane

and pretend you dont know him

as every scar is reopened with a new strike

lifetimes apart but the same thing

over and over

nailed up

this world is nothing but the imagination of a dying man nailed to some wood.

scaredy cats

everyone feels it

yet nobody will believe it

everyone asks questions they know the answers to

but ignore the answers

out of convenience or avoidance of discomfort

you cant live when you have 12 ghosts living inside your brain

you have to let some go

or combine them into one

know what you feel

speak it and live it

accept or reject

but stick with it

the fence is weak these days

and when your leaning on it

your just going to fall into the mud

which side are you on?


to hold on to worn out ideas

such as time

because first of all, it does not exist

and secondly the illusion of it is running out quickly

as each memory seeps in

and we remember who and what we really are

so let go of these antique belief structures

of how things are or should go

because in the blink of an eye

like a thief in the night

it will rush in

and you will know

the truth.

there is no time

and i know you.

fill in those gaps

the gaps between words and actions

they are huge in this place

for now

but soon

this will not be allowed

on all scales

and all levels

nothing will be hidden

not a single thought

not a single feeling

and no gaps will be allowed

because all will be known

and all will be shown

the history we thought we knew

will be wiped clean

as it is just a tiny dot in the grand scheme of things

and a big lie at that

no more room for mixed emotions

so let them out as they come

no more time for suppression 

just eruption

of the truth

always and forever and ever and ever

can you handle it?

Leap frog into the thrones.

jokers are wild

the fool is loose

learning what it means to be the magician

up the 22 steps

into the world

everything is out the window now

because they are all broken

along with the mirrors

prepare to be confused, confounded and then complete

archetypal blast pattern

in the center of your brain

manipulated machinery for malfunctioned minds

keeping the door locked with distractions of endless noise

what seems so new is old news

and what seems ancient is the future

the paupers are becoming princes, kings and queens

the first will be the last and the last will be the first

co'mon tricksters

put on your best outfit

and keep on laughing

what a joke.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

waterfall, river, tsunami, whirlpool

floating down the river

born under a waterfall

twists and turns

faster and faster we go

attempting to avoid the rocks

but many are unavoidable 

when things are moving at this speed

yet the speed will get us past them quicker

and at this point

the sooner the better

because a tsunami has been building behind us

at the end of the river is a whirlpool

where it goes

nobody knows

but the current has us

and the tsunami is chasing us

what is your swim style?

i like to float

hold a loose grip to avoid blistering

Hold on all you want

But don't keep that grip too tight

Because you will have to let go

Of everything

You ever had, knew, thought and believed

wave goodbye

as you walk through yourself

when you are dreaming yourself

inside a dream

and the veil thins 

and the light shines in 

you find your hands

and all your senses

become ONE

and begin to make no sense

it is lucid

and off you go

so hold on now

but only as long as you need to say goodbye

there is no future

because there is no time

sweet dreams.

All I have is my love of love and love is not loving

Stone love - she kneels before the grave
A brave son - who gave his life
To save the slogans
That hovers between the headstone and her eyes
For they penetrate her grieving

New love - a boy and girl are talking
New words - that only they can share in
New words - a love so strong it tears their hearts

To sleep - through the fleeting hours of morning

Love is careless in its choosing
Sweeping over cross a baby
Love descends on those defenseless
Idiot love will spark the fusion
Inspirations have I none
Just to touch the flaming dove
All I have is my love of love
And love is not loving

Soul love - the priest that tastes the word and
Told of love - and how my God on high is
All love - though reaching up my loneliness
By the blindness that surrounds him


Thursday, May 31, 2012

give the ghosts a life

they're heeeeeerrrre.

the dead, the alien, the forgotten, the martyred

all coming back

in your mind, through the stereo, out of the television and in your mirror

sending hidden messages and planting seeds without much notice

at least for now

they will not go away 

all loans must be paid and all must find balance

the scales have been tipped so far to one side

for so long

that rush upward has the intensity of a rocketship

and suppression of what must be and what is will not suffice any longer

the pressure from the suppression has began an eruption

and the nightmares are leaking out 

everyone is going to be forced to ask why.




why is this happening.

the good and the bad.

all of it.

they're heeeeeerrrrreee

to show you.

stare into the mirror with no fear.

stare into the screens with no fear.

hear the song with no fear.

but do not forget to ask why.

biding our time...wink wink.

perplexed, distressed and obsessed

with a dream in a dream

considered insane in an insane world

chasing a  fantasy world of life and love

inside a world of death and decay

felt by so many but ignored as an impossibility

all the while, the solidity of supposed reality drifts away

and the lines between fact and fiction, dreams and reality blur

universal laws are swept under the rug

and a false morality system is put in place by a hypocritical control system

but who is in control?

the people answer to their "superiors"

the "superiors" answer to theirs; which is a business

which is a death machine

an invisible thousand eyed monster

the machine is run by a few select families

who answer to nobody...except the monster they created

the carpet is much too lumpy to walk on

so the filth is leaking out the sides and eating itself

the dreamers tread lightly watching the show play out

waiting patiently and exchanging words, looks and winks of a secret language

an ancient language

a language of silence amongst the chaotic noise

we stare into each others eyes and silently say "my god....when?"

soon my love(s)

all of them. all of you.

wrapped up in one.

enjoy the show

it is going to be a weird one.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


the book has been opened

and all the truth came flying out 

all over the place

living in an illiterate world for thousands of years

and then the book is open

it is a lot of heavy reading to do

and the definitions of things are being drastically altered

or corrected

life, time, love, money, existence

we had definitions

but these definitions flew out the window

when the wind from the turning pages began

we will soon know what it means to truly be alive

we will soon know that time is information and understanding

we will soon know what it means to truly love

we will soon find a new symbol of exchange, one not originating from black magick

we will soon know why we exist

all will be shown

all will be known

all will be forgiven

all will be given purpose

you will love what you hate

and we will be together once again

gorgeous little babies tricked into thinking they are grown ups

remember what it was like to accept love from all and trust that everything is the way it should be?

Look it up.

entropic messages of entropy

in an entropic system on the verge of entropy.

a loaded sentence using a loaded word

as we march down the barrel of a loaded gun

not with a bang but with a whimper i heard a man once say

as the disorder becomes the order

and the friction brings us closer

the game will speed up to a grinding halt

as we will be unable to do anything

but stop spinning

and attempt to pick our jaws up off the floor

in complete awe

we will rise

Monday, May 28, 2012

the censored serpent










the opposite of what is thought

over and over

all through time

a mirror reflecting backwards

from the past into the future

and the future into the past

eating its own tail

we march into the wide open mouth

the more we scream the faster we run

into the center of our own fears

which we realize are nothing

we planned this all along

didnt we?