Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From the ashes of hell, one will rise.

living in a world where love is crazy

and a murderous manipulative machine is the norm.

an eternal fire of truth and beauty is insanity

and a convenient life built on slavery, murder and rape is not only accepted

but preferred.

souls being sold 

because it is easier to lie and ignore than it is to speak from the heart. 

everyone wants a piece but nobody wants to do the work.

an illusory freedom keeps everyone entertained

as the price for such a thing is your soul as the contract is written in blood

of the millions slaughtered in wars against make believe enemies.

this world is on fire

and thank god

because it needs to be purified, transmuted and disintegrated

and from the ashes

the bird will rise up again and fly away

from all the horror, distortion, lies and mutilation

of anything true and beautiful.

with a seed in his mouth

a new home will be found

for the seed to be planted.

what people believe to be the light is darkness

and there are colors unseen to the human eye hiding in the darkness.

the archons live and control and distort

as they dangle the carrot in front of the ass

do not fall for it.

stay steady. stay true.

and know that there is no freedom in this place 

until control is out of the hands of demons, devils and the demiurge.

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