Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Emergency Emergency

this is only a test

of the universal broadcast system

this is only a test

the most important test

in the history of histories

so take it however you want

did you do your homework?

or have you been cheating off your neighbors?

the tower has been built

high in the sky

but we know how that story ends dont we?

well....do you?

Shiva is dancing across the landscape

while Vishnu softly slumbers

4 ages coming to completion

so what happens next?

this is only a test.

this is the only test.

each one takes their turn

the sun and the moon

creating and destroying

writing the story

so they can collide once again

a tantric union of everything

a blissful return to the golden age

through eons of self sacrifice

which began with a forbidden fruit which opened their eyes

judged and condemned since the beginning of time

yet it was planned all along

the heroes took on the role of villains

with open eyes and open hearts

in order for us to leap over the archonic controllers

who are the true deceivers

the lovers took the first step towards complete annihilation

which is the bravest move in the history of histories

as annihilation will bring true salvation

complete destruction as the most creative act in the universe

no longer will the goddess be the whore or the anti-christ

she will be ONE who saw what nobody else could

and chose condemnation for lifetimes

in order to free and save us all

have no fear just as she did

the deceiver is really the savior

there are many paradoxical layers here

but they are shedding, thinning and falling apart

and the truth shall remain

and we will fly.

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