Saturday, January 28, 2012

11:11 on the 21st of december. finish line.

"When the brain pulls from right to left, movement is controlled by emotions. When the brain pulls from left to right, emotions are controlled by movement. Right now our right brain pulls the left toward it. But after 2012 December 21st at 11:11 O Clock, when we are on the opposite side of the super black hole in the center of the universe, the left brain will pull the right brain toward it. Meaning that we will be controlling our emotions by movement. Or in other words, we will be in complete control of how we feel, and we will move using our emotions. Basically we will use our brains to do everything instead of our bodies. The body and mind are separate." 

 I feel like this process has always been happening but we are just getting really close and its all speeding up because we are so close to the tipping point.  The process being the shift. The shift being the story.

maybe 11:11 on the 21st is like a deadline.  Some of us will smoothly walk through the transition but others who have not been doing their work on themselves will go through some craziness.  It could be why the world is so nutty these days. People would rather kill themselves off rather then experience the process leading up to the moment. 

so there will be levels of intensity for everyone during the shift. This could relate to the whole judgement idea also maybe. 

Faster and faster and faster we go.

Nothing has EVER stopped speeding up.

We call it progress.  To what? Not sure because nothing really ever changes but the scenery.  This is the same story over and over and over and over and over.  It gets faster and faster and faster. EVERYTHING.

Even if something was given the illusion of slowing down it really just integrated itself into a newer more complicated program that appears meaningless but soon grows like a wave. Bigger and stronger than its droplets combined.

think to 2002
think to 1992

nothing has ever changed but the speed.

America always has an enemy. There is always immanent danger. The environment has been getting angrier and angrier.

Slowly we brush away the dust and the dirt of thousands of years of bullshit histories and come to see that nothing has ever changed. There has ALWAYS been a seedy underbelly.  It's purpose is to give purpose.  It's purpose is to be exposed and eradicated.  Which gives purpose to the exposers and exposed alike.  Everyone serving a purpose in the realization that the only meaning is boredom and the only purpose is to constantly forget and remember.

We march on.  Everytime the veil is pierced it lets in a little more light permanently.  The empire never ended.  The Archons live.

The Skull Defects with Daniel Higgs speak of such things.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Questions from the Nag Hammadi.

What is the light and what is darkness?

What is soul, and what is spirit?

Where is the voice?

Who is it who speaks, and who hears?

Who is it who causes pain, and who suffers?

What is the order of things?


So many paths intertwined
knotted up
along one path
the same one
the big one.

Underlying all things
central story.
It shoots out fractals
distorted, diluted or cut down
stories of the breaking apart and putting together.
Yet the stories all make up one story and they all end the same. 

Take a Breathe.

It's just a waiting game now.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The New Conspiracy: Hollywood Double Lives. Death and Rebirth.

For a long time now there has been a fascinating idea about some of our more beloved celebrities faking their own deaths in order to hide from the limelight.  Elvis, Kurt Cobain, Tupac quickly come to mind.  The idea is usually held by the die hard fans and looked at by outside parties as naive or silly.  Lately in the conspiracy circles online I have noticed a new trend of believing that certain celebrities live double lives as two completely different beings.

The first example i came across that I cared about was Bill Hicks.  

And the idea is that after this, his last performance he did not die of cancer but faked his own death and became Alex Jones of infowars fame:
Facial Recognition below:

Apparently if you do more research it goes far deeper than just looking alike.  Alex Jones seemed to come out of nowhere right after Bill Hicks died. They are from the same city.  Bill Hick's life long best friend has worked with Alex since Bill died.  There is a long list of curiosities if you want to go further down the rabbit hole.

I saw this a while ago shortly after i saw other videos about Obama possibly being a clone of the Egyptian Pharoah Akenhaten, Michael Jackson being a clone of some other Egyptian pharoah, and many other people amongst the control system being shapeshifting reptilians. It all kind of blended together as weird coincidence and fun storylines.

A new rumor popped up for me recently.  Someone is apparently doing research and believes that Lady Gaga is actually Amy Winehouse.  I LOVE THIS THEORY.  Lady gaga is such a strange phenomenon and has so much power for some reason that i always was interested in her.  I use to hear that she was really a man. I loved this idea a lot also.  I thought it would have been an amazing prank to eventually show people they fell in love with a transvestite and watch all the guys who jerked off to her squirm.  But if you throw in that she is Amy Winehouse it not only makes it more interesting but makes the idea of her being a man even more believable!

I am sure there are plenty of pieces of evidence that people can argue but there are a SILLY amount of coincidences with their two careers, sounds and looks.

It is a very strange world we live in.  Nothing is at it seems.  And none of us has a clue as to what is happening here.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alone in a room. Always. The scenery may seem to change and people may seem to come and go. But I assure you. Alone in a room. Always.

Watch the movie go by on your screen. While you are alone in a room.  All the pressure. The anxiety. The fears. The loves.  In your mind. Alone in a room.  Sitting in a chair. Dreaming the whole damn thing.   Alone in a room.

Isn't it comforting?
And Confusing.

We think so much is going on.  But almost all of the time we are just in a room.  Just sitting there. In some kind of room.

Watching the movie.
Over and over and over and over and over again.

In a room. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The beginning.

As I begin to type my left eye started to twitch uncontrollably.  It has subsided.  I have no reason for writing this.  There is no purpose here. There is no purpose here. There is no purpose here.  There is no purpose here.

I have recently begun to read the newly published Exegesis of Philip K. Dick.  I hear that it existed. I wished to be able to read it. It has now been published and is in my hands.  It seems as though he wrote it for me.  His thoughts seem to be the same as mine.  Mr. Dick speaks of two time lines we live in and the interference pattern as the two collide is what we experience of this reality.  I experienced this on my own before reading his ideas.

I was watching the Empire Strikes Back for the first time in a long time.  I felt the information, energy and entertainment coming at me from the screen, penetrating my sense field  and flowing off behind me.  At the same time i felt this looping wheel of time that rather than coming from in front of me and passing through me seemed to come from above and came down into my brain looping around continuously in a circle as big as the movie is long.  The first time wave was the energy of the original moment happening. The second time wave was the energy field that was built over time with my multiple watchings of that movie.  So as each scene affected me at that present moment i felt ever other time i ever watch each scene.  I saw the rooms i watched it in, the people i was with and the feelings being carried at those times.

Once we recognize the second time wave we can utilize it to unlock hidden memories and almost be a part of multiple dimensions and timelines at one time. Which is what is always happening anyway isnt it?  Everything all at once for ever and ever.  This makes no sense to some people. Some people this makes sense but it still cannot be grasped.  Though, I believe more and more people will not only recognize this to be true but will begin to understand it, experiment and experience it first hang.  We are living in eternity right now my friends.  It is all you. Welcome.