Saturday, January 28, 2012

Faster and faster and faster we go.

Nothing has EVER stopped speeding up.

We call it progress.  To what? Not sure because nothing really ever changes but the scenery.  This is the same story over and over and over and over and over.  It gets faster and faster and faster. EVERYTHING.

Even if something was given the illusion of slowing down it really just integrated itself into a newer more complicated program that appears meaningless but soon grows like a wave. Bigger and stronger than its droplets combined.

think to 2002
think to 1992

nothing has ever changed but the speed.

America always has an enemy. There is always immanent danger. The environment has been getting angrier and angrier.

Slowly we brush away the dust and the dirt of thousands of years of bullshit histories and come to see that nothing has ever changed. There has ALWAYS been a seedy underbelly.  It's purpose is to give purpose.  It's purpose is to be exposed and eradicated.  Which gives purpose to the exposers and exposed alike.  Everyone serving a purpose in the realization that the only meaning is boredom and the only purpose is to constantly forget and remember.

We march on.  Everytime the veil is pierced it lets in a little more light permanently.  The empire never ended.  The Archons live.

The Skull Defects with Daniel Higgs speak of such things.

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