Thursday, January 12, 2012

The beginning.

As I begin to type my left eye started to twitch uncontrollably.  It has subsided.  I have no reason for writing this.  There is no purpose here. There is no purpose here. There is no purpose here.  There is no purpose here.

I have recently begun to read the newly published Exegesis of Philip K. Dick.  I hear that it existed. I wished to be able to read it. It has now been published and is in my hands.  It seems as though he wrote it for me.  His thoughts seem to be the same as mine.  Mr. Dick speaks of two time lines we live in and the interference pattern as the two collide is what we experience of this reality.  I experienced this on my own before reading his ideas.

I was watching the Empire Strikes Back for the first time in a long time.  I felt the information, energy and entertainment coming at me from the screen, penetrating my sense field  and flowing off behind me.  At the same time i felt this looping wheel of time that rather than coming from in front of me and passing through me seemed to come from above and came down into my brain looping around continuously in a circle as big as the movie is long.  The first time wave was the energy of the original moment happening. The second time wave was the energy field that was built over time with my multiple watchings of that movie.  So as each scene affected me at that present moment i felt ever other time i ever watch each scene.  I saw the rooms i watched it in, the people i was with and the feelings being carried at those times.

Once we recognize the second time wave we can utilize it to unlock hidden memories and almost be a part of multiple dimensions and timelines at one time. Which is what is always happening anyway isnt it?  Everything all at once for ever and ever.  This makes no sense to some people. Some people this makes sense but it still cannot be grasped.  Though, I believe more and more people will not only recognize this to be true but will begin to understand it, experiment and experience it first hang.  We are living in eternity right now my friends.  It is all you. Welcome.

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