Thursday, June 7, 2012

aliens, angels and you

a friend recently asked me:

where do i find the aliens?

which is synonymous with angels

but people these days feel funny using such terms

as a dogmatic manipulative religion hijacked the term

the angels and aliens are in and around everything

hidden under rocks, floating over your shoulder and sitting next to you on the bus

but if you want to find them....

close your eyes, look up into the center of your brain, relax and breathe

you will be amazed what you can see and where you can go

with intent, belief and patience

they are you and you are them

and if you want to see the aliens or angels

which are you

you just have to ask yourself to show yourself

your true beautiful spotless self

unhindered, unabashed and unafraid

look up with with a knowing

and be whisked away

to a foreign yet unquestionably familiar home

nobodies there and no bodies there

at least not yet

until we all remember

our full potential

and our true purpose

not to make money, acquire goods and gain recognition

but to love and live


of all limitations 

with no boundaries, judgements, questions or fears

the aliens and angels are waiting

and do not forget that they are you

waiting for you

to remember so you can wake up

and become ONE

with everything

see you there lovers

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