Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The border is complete, just filling in the holes now

books stacked upon books stacked upon books

myths within myths within myths

hidden in caves and carved into stone

the books have been burned

the myths have been corrupted

and the caves are off limits

yet the truth has trickled out

into the controlled minds of the masses

the prophets, artists, creators and lovers have kept it alive

and the pieces of the puzzle are being put together

once again

1 puzzle of 2 shaped like a triangle with 3 faces

12 listen to the guidance of 1 to rearrange it

but only 11 use their 22 hands while 1 waits to swoop in and deceive

144,000 pieces is a lot 

but it is almost done

and my lord will it be worth it

the picture is a beautiful one

the kind of picture that inspires people to sing songs about

the songs are so beautiful there are barely any words to describe them

but maybe ONE word

the word


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