Monday, June 4, 2012

turn your head it is easier that way

dont bother reading any of this.

because you dont believe it anyways

so stop looking now

there are much better things to do

like yelling  into a mirror

and judging what you once held onto

there is no time for reading 

there is money to be made

and words to take back

and a dying life to live

ignore the eternal 

and it will force its way in

because it is all there is

and convenient distractions will only suffice for so long

which is not much longer

but stop reading now

because there is nothing new here

just the same old thing

from every eon passed

as each and every aeon awakens

it is just the same old truth

and it shall be manipulated and ignored

just like it always has

thats the story

denial of the truth

out of fear

or blood lust

watch him walk down the lane

and pretend you dont know him

as every scar is reopened with a new strike

lifetimes apart but the same thing

over and over

nailed up

this world is nothing but the imagination of a dying man nailed to some wood.

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