Thursday, June 7, 2012

Remember that time when we were everything?

sitting, drinking, smoking and chewing on ice cubes

laying in wait and/or in vain

for some thing or ONE always just out of reach.

nowhere to go except my mind

as every straight line somehow eventually curves back in on itself

around the spiral and down the rabbit hole.

holding on and letting go

of dreams, ideas and desires

as it is all illusion regardless.  

just killing non existent time in order to realize that this is so.

while waiting for others to come to this realization also.

when we reach this point it will be a forgetting of this world

and a remembering of an ancient one

when all become whole 

all will become one

all one


but only for an infinitesimal second

and then all together again 

with full memory in tact

not just of this life

but all of them

so familiar, so friendly and so beautiful

it starts in this world though.

right now.

get remembering.

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