Monday, June 4, 2012

scaredy cats

everyone feels it

yet nobody will believe it

everyone asks questions they know the answers to

but ignore the answers

out of convenience or avoidance of discomfort

you cant live when you have 12 ghosts living inside your brain

you have to let some go

or combine them into one

know what you feel

speak it and live it

accept or reject

but stick with it

the fence is weak these days

and when your leaning on it

your just going to fall into the mud

which side are you on?


to hold on to worn out ideas

such as time

because first of all, it does not exist

and secondly the illusion of it is running out quickly

as each memory seeps in

and we remember who and what we really are

so let go of these antique belief structures

of how things are or should go

because in the blink of an eye

like a thief in the night

it will rush in

and you will know

the truth.

there is no time

and i know you.

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