Thursday, May 24, 2012

love the illusion to destroy the illusion.

artificial limbs 

artificial hearts

realization is a start

floating in a plastic space

choreographed and photocopied

placed in a hollow space

and forever told how it goes

the empire never ended as a wise man once said.

every birth

just another division

of the whole

as we sit in a room 

forever and ever

tricked by time

what started as a simple joke

became a disaster area

so we fell 

in order to pick up the pieces

and have been told we are wrong for doing so

as another wise man once said

it's a trap

love it because it is all you have

but also love it to escape

because it is not you

its a lot to remember

it has been a long time

but i know you and you know me

we go back a long ways

lifetimes upon lifetimes is one thing

but it goes beyond that

we carved into stone once

but we try not to think about it these days

dont keep chasing the carrot dangled in front of you

co'mon babies

we have a party to go to.

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