Thursday, May 24, 2012

nothing is here but your mind

we have built this tower

so many times 

it has been knocked to the ground

buried under the rubble

we dust ourselves off

and pick up the pieces

and begin to rebuild

the tower is very high

this time of the year

with reinforcements

but we all know this story

and the capstone of the pyramid is almost ready to be put in place

will we get there this time

or will it be knocked to the ground again

planets being shot out of the sun

on a spiral path that is too large for us to see

one planet turns into the next

and we jump ship

or are picked up

exactly on schedule

this plan

was selected by us

and the our ideas of the future are useless now

because the tape is just being rewound

the pencil is in the spool

and what we think is a march forward 

is really 

just a vacuum pulling us backwards

into the past

which is the future

do you remember?

what you see is a movie

being watched by another movie

we wrote this a long time ago

the credits will roll soon

right up into your mouth

and into the center of your brain

as you lay on the ground

and get ready for take off

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