Monday, May 21, 2012

its time for the make up to come off

take off the clown shoes.

take off the costumes.

the masks.

stop acting.

stop pretending.

stop not saying the things you think and feel.

stop being afraid.

stop judging.

stop the mindless thinking.

stop the cycles of perpetual nonsense.

lets get down to business.

lets speak of something greater.

lets believe in something we never knew we could.

stop saying things you have no intention of carrying out


and GO GO GO

the curtain will be lifted

and we will all be naked


and vulnerable

it will be beautiful 

but only if you are ready

oh my goodness the love 

how it flows.

so speak of your fears

and your dreams

let out the strangest thoughts

let go

and fly.

you beautiful motherfuckers.

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